Log Competition Rules

The EOA Annual Members Only Log Competition Awards and Rules:

Entries should be received by the President in time for Christmas each year. They may be in narrative form or simply a copy of the boat’s log. Logs should be clearly written or typed and give details of the boat and her crew. They should preferably include the distances and times of all passages, hours under sail and under power or both, total distances covered, and include a simple chart of the cruise where possible. If including photographs with written accounts please note that prints are preferable to photos embeded in the text as this makes editing for the magazine easier. (Logs and photos will be returned on request.) Entries submitted by email are also acceptable. If sending separate .jpgs please make sure they are of a reduced file size.

Trophies are awarded in the following categories and are presented at the AGM in January. Winning entries are published in the EOA Bulletin. Selected Logs may also appear on this website.

President’s Trophy (The MG Plate) — Presented by Maurice Griffiths GM, ARINA. This is awarded for the best Log submitted overall.

Maiden Voyage Trophy — For the beginner in cruising and the ‘family’ crew whose summer cruise is perhaps only a potter along the coast or a dash across The Channel. Eligible yachts include new build, newly restored yachts and the newly owned. Logs should include a short summary of the owner’s experience and the ages of the crew if under 21.

Passage Trophy — Presented by Dr. Richards for the best passage between the home country and a foreign port, or between two foreign ports. Purely coastal passages are excluded unless the terminal ports are both foreign to the yacht’s home port.


In addition we have recently introduced two new awards. Please note that Logs in these two categories are not eligible for the MG Plate:

The Editor’s Award — Introduced in 2011, the purpose of this award is to encourage those who would not otherwise be eligible to submit a Log. It will be awarded for the best Log of a cruise taken in a yacht not normally considered to be an EOA boat, either as owner/skipper or crew member, including chartered yachts.

The Old Sea Dog Award — New for 2012. This award is for an account of a trip taken perhaps several years ago and not previously entered for an award. Many members may no longer be actively sailing – so this one is for you; tell us of past sailing glories. Members who are still sailing are eligible so long as the account is of a past cruise that has not previously been submitted for the competition.