YM Sponsored Designs

These designs were originally intended to provide the home build enthusiast with a relatively inexpensive, comfortable and seaworthy craft. Most of these were shallow draft and built in plywood, although further development produced some steel and fiberglass (GRP) versions.

YM Designs Plans: As noted on the main Plans page – the working plans for the YM sponsored designs are now available free of charge in pdf format via the Membership/Contacts page.

Study Plans are now available in pdf file format to view on this website.   Please note that Study Plans are intended as a guide only and are not suitable as working plans for a complete build. Please click on the links below for the appropriate file:

YM Eventide

YM Senior

YM Waterwitch

YM Mouette

YM Riptide 31

YM Gooseander

YM Junior

YM 3 Tonner

YM Wild Duck

YM Storm