The plans for the Yachting Monthly sponsored designs were transferred to the EOA by Yachting Monthly magazine in late 1997.  These plans were available for purchase from the EOA, however The Association decided at the 2014 AGM that the plans would be scanned and made available free of charge in pdf format on request from The Association, for individuals to print off as necessary to the correct size.  We would ask that individuals excercise restraint and only request plans appropriate to their needs. They are quite large files and we do not wish to send these out in bulk.

In addition there are also study plans for some further Maurice Griffiths designs to which we used to have access, but the plans are now lodged elsewhere and would only be available by separate negotiaion. Please enquire from us if you require further information on these designs.

Study Plans

Whilst there may not be so many people building their own boats these days the designs do represent an important archive that needs to be easily accessible.  To this end the Study Plans which were formerly sold as a booklet are now available as pdf files which may be viewed on this website.

The available study plans are listed on the following pages:

YM Sponsored Designs

Other Designs by Maurice Griffiths