YM Eventide No 10 – Solveig?

We recently received the following appeal for information regarding photos of the above mentioned Eventide, (which is referred to as EYH 10 and we assume to mean YM Eventide with the sail no. 10). If you can assist in any way please contact Nigel Brown via n_w_brown@hotmail.co.uk.

“I wonder if you could possibly help. My Dad and Uncle (William and George Brown) built an Eventide (EYH 10 – Solveig) in 1960 and took some photos of the building (in a barn in Caernarfonshire). My uncle passed on the photos to someone local to him in West Kirby (on the Wirral) sometime in the last ten or so years, as they were building an Eventide.

My uncle has recently died and we’ve been clearing out his house hoping to find a clue as to who has got them, to no avail.

Also in the album with the photos of the boat were some pictures of India which my Dad took when he was out there at the end of the war / before Indian independence.

We wondered if anyone might know of their whereabouts? My Dad is keen to look at them again.”

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