EGM 2nd September 2017

We would like to remind members about the EGM set to take place on 2nd September 2017 at The Queen Victoria PH, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex. Full details of this meeting can be found in the Spring issue of The Bulletin.

This is a very important meeting concerning the future direction of the EOA and we request that all members do their very best to attend. The proposals for the future are outlined in the Spring Bulletin. If you cannot make it to the meeting but have something to offer on this topic please contact the President or a member of the committee in writing (email acceptable) to arrive by 31st August at the very latest. All contact details can be found inside the front cover of The Bulletin.

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Bulletin – Spring 2017

Spring Bulletin Cover

I have just collected the Spring Bulletin from the printers and will be posting it out to members shortly, so it should be with you all by the end of next week at the latest. As usual it is full of interest and draws your attention to at least one important date for your diaries!


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AGM Report 2017

The Eventide Owners Association held their annual AGM on Saturday 28th January at the Bull, Theydon Bois in Essex where those in attendance enjoyed an excellent pub lunch. Attendance at the meeting was low although many apologies for absence were received. For this reason the usual raffle with proceeds given to the RNLI was not held, but the members agreed that the Association should make a small donation to the Walton and Frinton branch of the RNLI in lieu. The President had not received any entries for the annual Log Competition so no trophies were awarded.

The donation made to the Cirdan Sailing Trust by the Association last year was discussed. The groups using the Trusts services are responsible of their own financing of the trip and it is often difficult for them to raise sufficient funds. At our request the money we donated went into the trust’s ‘Voyage of Discovery Fund’, which grants bursaries to make up the short-fall for such groups. Shortly before the AGM our President received a report from the Cirdan Trust on how they had distributed our donation; two groups being the beneficiaries. One of these was a school for pupils with special educational needs and the other a youth group from a deprived area. Included with the report were endorsements from the group’s leaders and the young people who participated and it was very rewarding to read how much these children had benefited. We will be reporting further on this in the spring issue of the Bulletin and will be posting excerpts from the report on this website shortly.

As a result of the feedback from the Cirdan Trust is was decided to make another, smaller donation, this year with the beneficiaries being the same special needs school.

Several matters of significance to the future of the association were also discussed and members will receive a full report of these in the spring Bulletin. It is planned to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss this more fully in the late summer and it is hoped that more members will be able to attend on that occasion.

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AGM 2017

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and remind members that, as reported in the Autumn issue of the Bulletin, the AGM of the EOA will take place on Saturday 28th January 2017 at The Bull, Station Approach, Theydon Bois, Essex. CM16 7HR. We gather  at approx. 1200 hrs for lunch with the meeting proper starting at approx. 1400 hrs.

All trophies should be returned in clean condition on or before the date. Donations for the raffle are always appreciated, with the proceeds as usual being donated to the RNLI.

Please note that this is a members only event.

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Autumn Bulletin 2016

Autumn Bulletin CpverDue to personal circumstances I have produced the Autumn Bulletin a couple of weeks earlier than usual and it is winging its way to our members as I write.

I would like to draw your attention to the Log Competition and the date of the AGM details of which can be found on pages 4 and 5 of the Bulletin. We look forward to receiving member’s entries for the competition and hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM.

This year has unfortunately seen less than the usual number of members gatherings but the Autumn Heybridge Basin pub lunch is in the process of being arranged for the end of this month. Those members likely to be able to attend will be notified direct. Details can be found in the Bulletin (Social Scene on page 3) so that members who are not contacted within the next week and wish to attend can make the necessary arrangements.

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Spring Bulletin 2016

I have today collected the Spring Bulletin from the printers. The cover picture for this issue is the same one that you will find with the article about the donation to the Cirdan Sailing Trust here. All being well the magazine should be with members within the next week.

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Donation to The Cirdan Sailing Trust

Handing over the chequeAt the January 2016 AGM of the EOA it was decided that the Association would make a donation to a sailing charity, preferably towards helping young people. Several suggestions were put forward and after careful consideration it was decided that the Cirdan Sailing Trust would be the most worthy recipient.

Cirdan is pronounced with a hard ‘C’ and is the name of a lesser known character in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. He was a shipwright.

The EOA President and Editor were able to visit the charity’s headquarters at Bradwell Waterside, on the River Blackwater in Essex since this is also where they keep their own boat ‘Red Dawn IV’. They were able to see the work of the Cirdan Trust first hand and view two of their three boats.

The Cirdan Sailing Trust has been operating for over thirty years and in that time has provided challenging and adventurous experiences for over 32,000 young and disadvantaged people, operating three wooden sailing vessels, ‘Faramir’, ‘Queen Galadriel’ (both named after Tolkien’s characters) and ‘Duet’.

After reporting back to the Committee our President, Rodney Leaper, was authorised to hand over a cheque for £1,000 to the Trust, which he did on 1st April 2016 as pictured above. The money will go into the Trust’s ‘Voyage of Discovery Fund’ which provides bursaries to those group’s that have a shortfall in their own funding. To find out more about the Cirdan Sailing Trust please visit their website here.

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Award Winning New Eventide

Classic Boat Awards CeremonyA new Eventide, completed last year, has won the Classic Boat magazine award in their Traditional New Build Under 40 feet category. The award was presented at a ceremony in London by yachting legend Tom Cunliffe on the 12th April 2016.

The boat was built by EOA member Nigel Vaughan and Dutchman boatbuilder Win Cnoops, the owner of Star Yachts at the historic Underfall Yard in Bristol. Nigel sailed an old Eventide 24 for many years and found it the perfect boat for the creeks and drying harbours, but also steep rough seas, of the Bristol Channel. When he replaced her with a modern GRP yacht he was dissatisfied with many aspects compared with his old Eventide, so he decided on the unusual step of having a new one built, re-using what he could from the old one.

Niarbyl II under sailThe boat, named “Niarbyl II” (Niarbyl is a beautiful bay on the west coast of the Isle of Man near where Nigel and his wife used to live), was neither Eventide 24 nor Eventide 26 – but a 24 stretched to 25 feet length on deck in order to accommodate a heads compartment and space for a solid fuel cabin heater. It was designed to a hybrid of “original” and “updated” Eventide plans, in order to strike a compromise of what Nigel considers to be the better aesthetics of the old design and practical improvements in the new design.

The boat took 3 years to complete and spent last summer roaming the harbours of south Wales. Nigel is very pleased with the boat – “just like my old Eventide but without the deck leaks and soft wood”. Nigel has promised to write up the story of his rationale, design and build decisions, and the outcome for the next issue of the bulletin.

Our congratulations to Nigel on winning this award.

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Email Contact Problems

It has recently come to our notice that emails sent to our ‘enquiries’ email address are not getting through. If you have sent an email to us via this route in the last few months please accept our apologies but the problem is beyond our control and we understand the Server is dealing with it.

As I understand it (and I’m not sure that I do fully) the problem is actually due to something which I believe is referred to as a ‘log jam’, which is some sort of security device that prevents unwanted interference with our website and/or emails by person or persons unknown! (Perhaps an attack by hackers has triggered it?) So it would seem our security settings are working to protect us. Unfortunately at present this seems also to be working against us in that we cannot receive your emails!

I’m sure you will appreciate that we do not wish to by-pass this problem by divulging the private email addresses of our Committee members. We hope the problem will be resolved soon and we can only ask you to please be patient and keep checking this website – we will let you know when all is back to normal. In the meantime if you have some pressing issue that you wish us to attend to please contact us by leaving a comment on the Contacts page, a facility we have temporarily allowed until this problem is resolved. Your comment will not be viewed by the general public as it will need approval by the webmaster to be visible so please only use this system for genuine enquiries.

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AGM Reminder

We would like to remind members that the AGM takes place on 30th January at The Bull, Station Approach, Theydon Bois, Essex, where we will enjoy a lunchtime meal before the business of the meting takes place. Please refer to your Autumn 2015 Bulletin for full details.

We request that any trophies awarded last year be returned in clean condition. If you are unable to attend in person please return your trophy to a Committee member before the event.

We will be sending out the Agenda together with the Minutes of the last AGM to Committee members via email. If you wish to come along and would like email copies please let us know. If you receive email copies please print them off and bring them with you, this will reduce the expense to the Association. We will only bring a few spare copies to the event to hand out to unexpected attendees.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the AGM.

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