Email Contact Problems

It has recently come to our notice that emails sent to our ‘enquiries’ email address are not getting through. If you have sent an email to us via this route in the last few months please accept our apologies but the problem is beyond our control and we understand the Server is dealing with it.

As I understand it (and I’m not sure that I do fully) the problem is actually due to something which I believe is referred to as a ‘log jam’, which is some sort of security device that prevents unwanted interference with our website and/or emails by person or persons unknown! (Perhaps an attack by hackers has triggered it?) So it would seem our security settings are working to protect us. Unfortunately at present this seems also to be working against us in that we cannot receive your emails!

I’m sure you will appreciate that we do not wish to by-pass this problem by divulging the private email addresses of our Committee members. We hope the problem will be resolved soon and we can only ask you to please be patient and keep checking this website – we will let you know when all is back to normal. In the meantime if you have some pressing issue that you wish us to attend to please contact us by leaving a comment on the Contacts page, a facility we have temporarily allowed until this problem is resolved. Your comment will not be viewed by the general public as it will need approval by the webmaster to be visible so please only use this system for genuine enquiries.

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