Charitable Donations

Members and readers will be aware that in April 2016 the EOA made a charitable donation of £1,000 to the Cirdan Sailing Trust. (You can remind yourselves about it here…)

You will also be aware that, due to our ageing membership, most of whom no longer sail while still retaining an interest in the yachts that we represent, we are no longer an active sailing organisation. It therefore is no longer necessary for us to retain a significant bank balance and our finances have been closed.

We held an auction of assets in the presence of members as reported here previously and, in accordance with the wishes of the members decided at our last AGM we made a donation to the Walton and Frinton branch of the RNLI on 30th of August 2019 in the sum of £100. Once all our finances had been finalised, again in accordance with members wishes, we made a further charitable donation to the Cirdan Sailing Trust on 5th July 2019 in the sum of £2,898.40, being the final sum in our bank account which is now closed.

May I remind you that, although the EOA is no longer an ‘active’ association, we still have a web presence for the foreseeable future and also have the occasional social get-together for those members who wish to join us. Indeed the most recent was a well attended lunch at the Ship Inn at Heybridge Basin, Essex just over a month ago on Saturday, October 26th. Any further such gatherings will be notified on this website and anyone who wishes is welcome to attend.

Please also note that, as mentioned in my previous post, digital plans are still available free of charge from the EOA via this website and now also from the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth.

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