Award Winning New Eventide

Classic Boat Awards CeremonyA new Eventide, completed last year, has won the Classic Boat magazine award in their Traditional New Build Under 40 feet category. The award was presented at a ceremony in London by yachting legend Tom Cunliffe on the 12th April 2016.

The boat was built by EOA member Nigel Vaughan and Dutchman boatbuilder Win Cnoops, the owner of Star Yachts at the historic Underfall Yard in Bristol. Nigel sailed an old Eventide 24 for many years and found it the perfect boat for the creeks and drying harbours, but also steep rough seas, of the Bristol Channel. When he replaced her with a modern GRP yacht he was dissatisfied with many aspects compared with his old Eventide, so he decided on the unusual step of having a new one built, re-using what he could from the old one.

Niarbyl II under sailThe boat, named “Niarbyl II” (Niarbyl is a beautiful bay on the west coast of the Isle of Man near where Nigel and his wife used to live), was neither Eventide 24 nor Eventide 26 – but a 24 stretched to 25 feet length on deck in order to accommodate a heads compartment and space for a solid fuel cabin heater. It was designed to a hybrid of “original” and “updated” Eventide plans, in order to strike a compromise of what Nigel considers to be the better aesthetics of the old design and practical improvements in the new design.

The boat took 3 years to complete and spent last summer roaming the harbours of south Wales. Nigel is very pleased with the boat – “just like my old Eventide but without the deck leaks and soft wood”. Nigel has promised to write up the story of his rationale, design and build decisions, and the outcome for the next issue of the bulletin.

Our congratulations to Nigel on winning this award.

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