Membership Information

Initially founded for owners and builders of the Yachting Monthly sponsored designs we have since expanded our membership to include all designs by Maurice Griffiths, other YM designers and similar yachts from that era. Some of the other boats owned by our members, such as the Golden Hind, Barbican 33 and Lone Gull II, can be viewed elsewhere on this website.

Membership of the EOA is open to all who have an interest in sailing and with a special interest in classic yachts. Crewing opportunities are often available to non-boat owning members.

Membership fees are currently £12.50 per annum and this includes two issues per year of our publication The Bulletin, plus the opportunity to purchase plans for the sponsored designs at cost. There are also occasional formal and informal meets throughout the year, at which all are welcome. These are advertised in the Bulletin and also on this website. Our AGM is held in January each year. The Membership year starts on January 1st and members joining after July 1st will qualify for membership for the current year and the succeeding 12 months.


Anyone interested in joining or requiring further information should in the first instance contact us via our email address:

The Eventide Owners Association is run by the members for the members and our committee is in regular contact.  The Officers of the Association include our President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer/Membership Secretary, Plans Secretary and Editor/Webmaster.  There are also other committee members and representatives for the various yacht designs and cruising areas.  Contact details are available to Members in the Bulletin. We have a policy of not revealing contact information for these individuals on our website and contact can be made via the link above, marked for the attention of the appropriate recipient.