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The Magic of the Swatchways

This book was first published in 1932 and is Maurice Griffiths’ most successful book, which charms the reader with the romance of the creeks and estuaries of the East Coast of England. The book chronicles many of his early sailing adventures which must have fired the enthusiasm of many who have subsequently taken up sailing and cruising in such peacful areas. It is to be considered essential reading for any M.G. enthusiast.


Ten Small Yachts and Others was first published in 1933 and is an interesting and very readable account of ten yachts that Maurice owned over a thirteen year period. It is of necessity somewhat auto-biographical which is of considerable interest to those who wish to gather an insight into the man himself, as well as discussing quite objectionably the advantages and disadvantages of these various little ships.

Cover ImageDream Ships was originally published in 1949 and therefore the “Dream Ships” that are discussed and analyzed very much reflect the state of the art at that time and we would now consider them as “Classic” designs. The book is written in M.G.’s easy and engaging style and is well illustrated with several designs of his own, as well as other designers, all with a wealth of design detail.

Cover ImageThe First of the Tide, subtitled “Reminiscences of Coastal Cruising” was written nearly fifty years after “The Magic of the Swatchways”. It returns in a similar vein to the shoals, sandbanks, withies, swatchways and creeks where peace and solitude may still be discovered, and reinforces the enduring success and inspiring ethos of the earlier book.

Cover ImageSailing on a Modest Income, an interesting book, is an anthology of articles by Maurice Griffiths and his contemporaries that were first published in “Yacht Sales and Charters” in 1925-1927. It was edited, compiled and is introduced by M.G. and was published in 1996.

Cover ImageSixty Years a Yacht Designer, published in 1988, is a book in which M.G. explains how he came to take up yacht design and how his experiences and research led him to conclude that shallow -draft sailing boats were just as sea worthy as their deeper draught sisters and so much more appropriate for sailors on the east coast.

Cover ImageLittle Ships & Shoal Waters is a book in the classic exposition of M.G.’s views on designing, building and sailing shoal draft yachts. It includes detailed consideration of over twenty shoal draft cruisers and also includes a couple of M.G.’s yarns on the joys of sailing this type of boat. It was first published in 1937 and was re-published in 1985.

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A Biography by Dick Durham

Cover ImageThe Magician of the Swatchways, a very aptly titled biography of Maurice Griffiths, is an oustandingly written and researched book and the author must be complimented on a job well done. Anyone with the slightest interest in the work and life of MG must read this book.