Cevamp, Mike and Me

Cover Illustration“Cevamp, Mike and Me” by Jackie Williamson
Acorns Publishing.ISBN 978-0-9557375-0-3 £8.99

Rarely do we come across a book of such specific interest to our members. Cevamp is a 26ft Eventide built by former EOA member Alex Williamson. During the building a Builders Meet was held at his home, a pub in mid-Wales, which was reported in the members Bulletin of Winter 1986. One of our current members remembers attending the meet. Cevamp, sail number YM1202 was launched in July of that year. Unfortunately by that time Alex was no longer fit enough to do much sailing and so use of the boat fell to his son Mike and future daughter-in-law Jackie.

The book is a wonderful tale of the early sailing adventures of the boat and of the couple during their courtship, played off against the frequent foul weather of the Irish Sea. As Jackie gets to grips with sailing skills we visit with her the harbours of the area, meet up with interesting people and enjoy the wildlife. It is a highly recommended, entertaining read, both as a story of romance and a recounting of sailing adventures and should interest not only sailing enthusiasts but also the less nautically inclined members of their families. This well written book is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable sailing books we have ever reviewed.

The book can be ordered from all good book shops by quoting the ISBN number. It is also available on line from Amazon or can by ordered direct from the author by emailing wordaid@btinternet.com. There is an additional charge of £2.50 to cover post and packing.

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