Boat, People and Me

Boat, People and Me CoverE-Book Review— ‘Boat, People and Me’

The author, Anthony Howarth , describes this book as “A love story set in an adventure, on a boat. It is the story of two travellers from opposite sides of the world who never, ever, intended to find themselves at sea in a small sailing boat in a more than hurricane strength storm.

An apt description. The book is about two novice sailors (at the outset) who adapt and fit out YM Waterwitch, sell up and sail off to warmer climes. At times their actions and decisions seem somewhat foolhardy and one can’t help thinking that they were very lucky not to come to grief. However they seem to have ‘read all the right books’ and applied their theoretical knowledge with a commendable degree of panic-free common sense.

The first part of the book is about their early attempts at sailing and the fitting out work, which will be of interest to the amateur boat builders/renovators amongst our membership. This part of the book becomes laboured at times, especially when the author allows himself a self-indulgent diatribe about a failed business venture, apparently due to circumstances beyond his control, which would no doubt be interesting in another context but is largely irrelevant here except as background, and which could have been reduced here to a few short paragraphs. Another diversion, interesting and enjoyable though it is, but similarly irrelevant, concerns a journey through the. Eastern Dessert.

 However, once the book gets into it’s stride and you get over the affectation of referring to the boat as ‘boat’ rather than ‘Teela Brown’ and his wife as ‘people’, which I personally found irritating,  it is an informative and exciting read which I can recommend to our members as ideal armchair sailing! I am quite looking forward to the next instalment.

‘Boat, People and Me’ is available as a Kindle download from Amazon and costs £3.21.

You can find our more about the author and the book series at  or where you will also find links to Amazon.

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