A Message From The President

YM Waterwitch Rosy

YM Waterwitch Rosy

May I extend to you a warm welcome to the new Eventide Owners Association website. Here we hope to set out the aims of the Association, present some historical and more recent items of interest and to enable a good deal of the plans information to be put into the public domain.

I am honoured to have been elected as President in January 2009, especially when I look back over the past forty-seven years since the Association was founded and the august list of past Presidents.


I think it is particularly important to maintain the plans of the Yachting Monthly designs, which were transferred to the EOA by the magazine in late 1997. Whilst there may not be so many people building their own boats these days the designs do represent an important archive that needs to be easily accessible. We have therefore included on this website all the details of the Yachting Monthly designs. These were formerly contained in the Study Plans which were previously sold as a booklet. In addition there are also some further Maurice Griffiths designs to which we have access. The decision has also been taken to provide full copies of the Yachting Monthly plans to members at cost and with each set of plans will be included a copy of Michael Verney’s book “Building Chine Boats” and, in the case of the YM Senior a copy of the EOA publication “We Built a Senior”.

I invite you to peruse this site, and for those wishing to obtain further information or to become a member then initial contact details can be found on the EOA Membership page.

Rodney Leaper, C.Eng, M.I.Mech.E, M.I.E.D